Dental X Ray Factors To Take Into Account

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Before any due consideration is given to this important procedure, the presiding dentist does need to take into account several factors. Whilst they are considered to minimal, there are also risks to performing the dental x ray new port richey procedure. Now, factors the examining dentist needs to take into account include the age of the patient and his or her current oral health. The dental professional also needs to know if the patient has had a history of gum disease, also known as gingivitis, or tooth decay.

The dentist certainly needs to know if there are any symptoms of oral disease. The X ray does become necessary for the new patient, particularly if there are no previous X ray records that are available from previous practitioners. Children perhaps need the X rays more than the adults because the dentist not only needs to check “baby teeth”, he needs to monitor the growth of their adult teeth. This will also help the dentist decide whether baby teeth need to be pulled to help avoid complications.

One example is that of adult teeth growing in behind the baby teeth. Now, risks there may well be, but rest assured that the radiation exposure levels from an X ray are just so low that they will be safe for both children and adults. The risks from radiation exposure are now even lower if the dentist is using digital X rays as opposed to developing them on film. And a bib will be placed over the patient’s chest, abdomen and pelvic area to help prevent any unnecessary radiation exposure to the patient’s vital organs.

Finally, pregnant women should be avoiding X rays altogether. The radiation exposure to their fetuses will definitely not be safe.