Starfire Cigs Review – Are They A Good Choice?

The benefits of using a basic two part electronic cigarette are innumerable. These electronic cigarettes are affordable, and allow you to replace the cartridges rather than replacing them. Due to this, you have a similar experience to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. However, these devices suffer from a drawback. Most mainstream brands of electronic cigarettes tend to use refill liquids manufactured in China.


It is worth mentioning that the e-liquid made in China is not horrible. However, it is still bad and you should probably look at v2 cigs or Firelight Fusion, they both batch test & Fusion has American Made e Liquid. It is important to understand that e-liquids manufactured on a less massive scale tend to have more enjoyable and interesting flavors. If you have been looking for a mini e-cigarettes from a lesser known, but a great brand, Starfire Cigs will be your best choice.


Starfire Cigs – An Overview


Starfire Cigs uses some of the most innovative and smallest electronic cigarettes designs available in the market. This puts the company in the same category as Blu. Just like Blue, Starfire Cigs also uses refill liquids manufactured in the United States of America. The liquids are formulated from a standard base of Vegetable Glycerin.


The company’s kit also includes a portable charging cases to offer more convenience and ease of use. Though there are many similarities between Blu and Starfire Cigs, the latter stands apart in one aspect. Blu’s starter kits cost $20 or more. However, Starfire Cigs offer their products at way more affordable prices. Their refill cartridges also cost less than other companies.


Starfire Cigs products two tobacco flavors. In addition to this, it also provides you with other options, including vanilla, menthol, apple, coffee, cherry, peach and watermelon. There aren’t many e-liquid companies offering some exceptional peach flavors.


Due to this, most customers are drawn to Starfire Cigs because of its wide range of flavors. You will enjoy the vaping experience to the maximum extent. Customers also prefer the Turkish Tobacco flavor. It’s slightly stronger than basic Tobacco flavor. If you prefer a touch of sweetness to your electronic cigarettes, you will love the company’s flavors.


Starfire Cigs Review – Using the E-Cigs


The best part about using Starfire Cigs electronic cigarettes is the convenience. Using these e-cigarettes is very simple. You just need to puff, and inhale the thick vapor. You will love the sensitivity of the company’s automatic battery. It will instantly light up in response to your puffs. It won’t even require any short primer puffs needed with less sensitive batteries.


It is worth mentioning that Starfire Cigs uses small sized batteries. However, one benefit that you will definitely enjoy is the portable battery charging case. It can hold several refill cartridges and two batteries. Its large size offers sufficient space to store everything when you’re on the move. In fact, it looks like a real pack of traditional cigarettes.


When you flip open the top, and take a few puffs on these electronic cigarettes, it feels similar to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. However, there is also a drawback. Many companies like V2 Cigs have started featuring larger batteries. Though these electronic cigarettes last longer than Starfire Cigs, they are also more expensive.


Starfire Cigs makes up for this deficiency by including a high quality portable battery charging case. It is available with the starter kit. This accessory costs around $50 with other popular brands. Thus, choosing between Starfire Cigs and another brand will be a matter of choice and budget. If you want good value for money, Starfire Cigs will be the best choice. It looks like a real cigarettes, lasts for enough puffs, and makes sure you can enjoy numerous flavors.


Great for Beginners


For most people, the first electronic cigarette they purchase is never the last. Eventually, a person is compelled to try something larger. You may even want to experiment with filling tanks or cartomizers on your own. However, if you are trying electronic cigarettes for the first time, you want something simple and portable. Starfire Cigs are the best in this regard. They make sure you don’t experience any problem when using these electronic cigarettes.


When using these electronic cigarettes, you don’t have to fill anything yourself. Moreover, you will also have a large sized backup charger case when you leave home and the batteries are not fully charged. Most importantly, these e-cigarettes also taste good. You should also take the affordable price into account. In almost every are, Starfire Cigs emerges to be a winner. It should be on your shortlist when you’re trying an electronic cigarette for the first time.


Value for Money


In recent times, many different brands have come up with high quality electronic cigarettes. The competition in the market has been rapidly increasing. Due to this, e-smokers have a lot more options. Thus, a brand offering good value for money easily gets notices. At an affordable price, Starfire Cigs provide you with an exceptional electronic cigarettes for a delightful vaping experience.


The electronic cigarette from the company has a basic two part design. It’s perfect for a person who’s smoking an electronic cigarettes for the first time. Though the batteries are small and don’t last much longer, the refill cartridges are priced lower than other brands. In addition to this, the portable charging case makes sure you can enjoy the e-cigarette for a day without any access to a power outlet or USB port.


For most customers, the favorite feature is the USA made refill liquids. In this price range, you will almost always find only low quality e-liquids made in China. Due to this, Starfire Cigs will be a great choice. The company offers good value for money.




● The refill flavors have been made in the United States

● The price of the full featured starter kit is affordable

● Included portable battery charging case




● The battery does not last a very long time.




Starfire Cigs electronic cigarettes offer a lot to e-smokers who are looking for delicious flavors with a delightful vaping experience. These e-cigs are affordable and provide good value for money. Most importantly, they are very simple and easy to use. You won’t experience any problems while using them.

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What Is The Cost Of A Mold Testing Kit?

Harmful mold may be skulking in your home regardless of how clean it is. Mold can make you sick with the most prevalent indoor allergens created from mold, pollen and dust, cockroaches, dust mites, and pets. Moreover, black mold, known as stachybotrys, has been linked to deadly lung illnesses. If you have a mold problem in your home, school, or office, a mold testing kit will confirm that information for you. Moreover, a mold test will help you discover hidden mold, gauge your interior air quality, and help you recognize what type of mold is in your home.

Mold testing kits are obtainable at most home improvement establishments and can be purchased online as well. They are quite effective if used properly; however, the test must be carried out in a meticulous manner in order to receive accurate results. Additionally, some mold testing kits are devised to test for several types of mold though there are hundreds of different kinds of mold that can thrive in homes throughout the country.


Mold testing kits allow you to collect mold samples on your own; thereby, eliminating the costs of hiring a professional mold tester to come to your home. Mold samples collected are sent to a professional mold-testing laboratory that will then test the mold you sent and inform you of the results. In fact, there are “instant” mold testing kits on the market today that will give you results in 10 minutes!

Keep in mind; testing kits for mold are quite cheap in themselves, compared to hiring a professional. Prices can range from $9.95 to $110.00 and up. However, the lab analysis cost a good penny. For example, a testing kit that cost $9.95 is relatively cheap but the lab tests can cost upward of $50.00!

One cheap mold testing kit is the Pro Lab Mold Test Kit. It hovers around the lower price range and is one of the best on the market. This mold testing kit provides a broad range of testing methods for discovering whether there are possible dangerous mold growths like black mold inside your home. In addition, it offers a comprehensive mycology-lab analysis providing a complete examination of mold by biologists who are dedicated to the study of fungi.

The only drawback is the price for the analysis. It’s at least 4x the amount of the kit itself! However, the lab’s credentials are stellar, so quality results are guaranteed. According to reviews, the price is well worth it due to the high expertise of the mycology-laboratory. This brand has also received an award and has earned a reputation as a high performing product.

On the other end of the mold testing kit price scale are brands like the EDLab Evalu-Aire Basic. The cost runs a little more than $100.00 but the kit includes two tests and a mycology report, so no additional fee is charged for mold lab analysis. Moreover, this testing kit is one of the broadest on the market as it breaks down the levels of a number of pollutants inside the home. The resulting analysis has a quick turnaround time, and free telephone consultations are offered for inquiring customers.

Other test molding kits like the Mold Check Whole House Mold Test cost $49.95; however, the lab analysis will cost $39.95. The First Alert MT1 mold test kit is a whole-house testing kit that offers ample supplies for gathering samples from each room in your home. Nonetheless, each sample will cost you $10.00 to send to the laboratory for analysis; however, it may not be possible to send the report to a mold removal professional.


You want the best quality mold testing kit at the best price possible. Look for a mold detector that incorporates manifold testing techniques and one that will help you identify a number of indoor particles. To make sure you get your money’s worth, look for a kit that identifies pathogens like bacteria and yeast as well. Timeliness are a crucial factor, and the earlier a kit can offer results, the sooner you will know what you are dealing with. Mold detection kits that offer fast test results are the best option.

TIP: A reputable mold test company like Damage Control 911 will offer consumers an active email address and telephone number on their website. Besides contact info, try to find a company that provides solid support options, along with FAQs and video tutorials. Moreover, make certain that either the website or the kit include an instruction booklet for gathering and recognizing mold samples.

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Arizer Solo Review

The Arizer solo is one of the portable vaporizers that allow you choose from the seven temperature settings for the dry-herb medicating session. The Canadian product is known very well for the glass-on-glass delivery system. It is one of the best products in the market that is used by most of the people. It is very portable, very light and with a perfect appearance.


What Are Some Of Its Features?


1.It has seven-heat settings

This makes it very suitable to many people. This is due to the fact that you will just adjust it to any temperature or heats setting you want. This means that it can be used by different people. This is one of its advantageous features and it can be used comfortably by different people.


2.It Fits Nicely On Your Hand

As per most of the Arizer Solo Reviews, these vaporizers are very nice and fit well to your hand. They are not like other common vaporizers that are very bulky. They can be carried anywhere with ease without even being noticed.


3.It Has Small Air To Vapor Ratio

This is another important aspect of the Arizer Solo & Palm 2.0 vaporizer. This will determine how concentrated the vapor will be. The air to vapor ratio is quite small and this makes the whole system balanced. Remember, these are dry herb vaporizers and don’t use concentrates as does this vape pen.


What Factors Should Be Considered Before Choosing The Vaporizer?

Here are some of the most important things that should be considered:


1.The Cost Of The Vapor

This is very essential when it comes to selecting the vaporizer. This is due to the fact that different vaporizers are sold at different prices. It is very important for you to choose the ones that are affordable to you so that you will not strain financially.


2.The Reviews Of Other People 

Before you choose your vaporizer, you should take some time and go through the reviews of other people. If they are positive, then consider that particular type. In case they are negative, you should take more time to look for other available types.


3.The Availability Of The Vaporizers When Needed

There are the vaporizers that are not easily available. This will be very hard when they are not available and the vaporizers are needed at that time. You should take time and look for those that are easily accessed any time. This will make your work easier as you will not strain looking for the vaporizers. Therefore, you should consider the availability of such vaporizers.

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Inversion Therapy: Does It Help Back Pain?

If you are a long time or recent sufferer of back pain then you know how difficult it can be to find even momentary relief, especially if you do not want to use surgical or medication based means to alleviate the pain. This is why inversion therapy has quickly become one of the most popular forms of pain relief for people who want a natural solution for their back pain.

Inversion therapy is a natural solution, meaning that no drugs or surgery are required. By laying back at an angle on an inversion table or in an inversion chair you are reversing the gravitational pressure that is put on your back day in and day out. In other words it decompresses your spine. Inversion tables help with sciatica, neck pain and even with herniated discs.

One of the coolest benefits of inversion therapy is that it can help you develop good posture, which can help you to prevent your back pain from being worse when you are not utilizing your inversion table or chair. With good posture you can actually ensure that your back pain does not worsen to as much of a degree as you would without it. This means you will actually have to spend even less time on your inversion table or in your inversion swing.

One thing that absolutely needs to be addressed is the fact that inversion therapy will not cure your pain. Inversion therapy utilizes only a small amount of time from your day in order to help relieve years’ worth of pain. Inversion therapy, instead, helps to alleviate the pain for a few hours, allowing you to feel pain free without the use of medication or surgical solutions. However, the short amount of time that you put into the therapy pays off with a large multiple of time with no pain.

Ultimately inversion therapy is a fantastic way to alleviate the stress and pain that comes with back pain. There is no more reason to suffer constantly with a bad back. The pain relief you are looking for is out there and ready to be tried. Once you try inversion therapy you are guaranteed to be a believer.

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Does LED light therapy really work?

The question that people all around the world are asking, “Does LED light therapy really work?”.  The million dollar question that has everybody searching for answers from any source possible.

The place that has the most answers: Sunflower University Press: Does LED light therapy really work?.  Everything that is questionable, has an answer.

LED Light Therapy is known to have many perks such as:

  • Reduce Aging
  • Reduce Acne
  • Help with Some Types of Cancer
  • Helps damaged nerves
  • Some Types of Bodily Pain

With very few known side effects, LED light therapy is one of the hottest things on the market. Although it is mostly offered at salons, there are a few places that sell the LED light equipment so that you can do your therapy from home on your own time!

Although the LED light therapy does work, the time it would take to see results often varies from person to person as each individual is different.

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